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CATL self-built charging station far more than Tesla supercharge station

China Shenzhen GreFlow Energy Co., Limited certification
China Shenzhen GreFlow Energy Co., Limited certification
Customer Reviews
The order arrived today - Yay! The batteries and hardware aare nice and the voltages are closer than others we have purchased from different vendors. Thank you for all your help and we will use your company exclusively as we set up our catalog.

—— Stanley - USA CATL 271Ah cell

Everythink is going fine! and plan to order more 8 sets of 51.2V 1000Ah 50Kwh battery cabinet.

—— Johnson Solomon - USA 51.2V 1000Ah battery cabinet

I checked voltages and internal resistance and they ware all between 3.295 and 3.297, only 2 mV between them, and IR was between 0.18 and 0.23, or 0.05 mOhm between them. Very good, and thanks for advice.

—— Mike - Australia CATL 302Ah cell

Received 48V 100Ah module no damage, I open four modules, turned them on, and verifyed voltage, cells in modules have the same voltage. This is good to see that cells keeped the same voltage during 3 months.

—— Moussa - South Africa 48V 100Ah LiFePo4 module

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CATL self-built charging station far more than Tesla supercharge station
Latest company news about CATL self-built charging station far more than Tesla supercharge station

Recently, charging stations have been incorporated into the "new infrastructure" by the state, and 5G infrastructure, UHV power grid, intercity high-speed railway and intercity rail transit, large data centers, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet side by side, has become the focus of national infrastructure construction. At this point in time, battery giant CATL homeopathic cut into the field of charging piles, the introduction of energy storage system, energy management system, DC fast charging piles in one of the multi-functional charging station.


The way forward in  CATL

From the charging station of The New Energy, we can also get a glimpse of the future path of CATL. Automotive-powered batteries are the foundation and cells of CATL, but CATL will not limit itself to the role of "battery supplier" and will be more widely involved in the energy and power industries.

Energy storage is the most direct way for battery companies to get involved in the energy industry, Tesla has Powerwall, BYD has energy storage, and CATL is no exception. Relying on strong research and development strength, high proportion of research and development investment, CATL is committed to the development of long-life, low-cost, high-security, high-efficiency energy storage system, products have been successfully applied to power generation, distribution, electricity and intelligent micro-networks and other fields. CATL long-life battery, battery monomer cycle life of up to 12,000 times, has been successfully applied in Jinjiang 100 MWh energy storage power station, greatly enhancing the full life cycle benefits of energy storage.


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